The Village

Located in the Zemrane region 50 km outside of Marrakech, the village lies next to others in a chain around Tamelelt.

A characteristic feature of this area are the olive farms. Olive oil is eaten daily and also used as a medication. 

People rear all kinds of domestic animals. Women are proficient in rearing chicken and rabbits.





The positive impact of the natural and unproblematic way, children grow up here, is apparent in their development: toddlers learn to walk and speak very early. Generally, children in the country know about people, their relationships, animals and their environment early.


In spite of the distance to the city and limited transportation, people are very mobile. They travel a lot and help each other with shopping, transport and in difficult times.

People in the country eat healthy, drink clean water and breath fresh air. "Stress" is a word that is seldom used here (real stress comes up, when a calf and 150 chicken have to be cooked for a wedding and 500 guests are expected :0)


The aim of this website is to reinforce handicraft in this area and be an incentive for the younger generations to learn weaving.


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