This carpet was a present from a mother to her daughter. She has the same carpet and made another one for her daughter. She also weaved in the year she made it.

Carpets have a long tradition in Morocco. They are not only decorative, but serve also multiple purposes. It is tradition that a girl gets a carpet as a wedding gift from her mother beside other useful things. She usually sits together with the women of her family and weaves it herself whereby she is trained in weaving. Sometimes the mother would save the money for the wool for a long time before the wedding.




The women can build their weaving looms themselves.

The owner of this loom is weaving a carpet for her husband´s sister, who wants it as a wedding present for her son. It is quite large, 2 m x 4 m, and weights about 14 kg.





This carpet is about 15 years old. It has stripes of fabric woven in. People use the woolen surface in winter and the other side - the fabric side - in summer to sit on, because it is cooler.




The women sometimes use modern patterns depending on purpose of the carpet and the available material. They like to be creative. The women of the neighborhood help each other to span the loom and would come around now and then to take a look at the patterns and the progress of the work.



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