Carpet Testing - Vintage or Fake

Carpet Shop in Marrakech

Many tourists stop by in carpet shops in the souqs of Marrakech. The haggling on a carpet is an adventure for some or an embarrassing situation for others. Tips and memories are shared on the internet. Here my view on the latest idea...

There is much talking on various websites and forums about whether one could test carpets in Moroccan shops with a wet towel and if the carpet bleeds, it would be a sign that it is fake and so on.

Fact is, that even the vintage carpets can still bleed - depends on how old they are i.e. how often they had been washed - and it is really not a good idea to test carpets in shops with something wet. The shop owners will surely get upset.


It is common knowledge that if you buy clothes which are made of natural fibers like cotton and wool, you need to rinse them once or twice with cold water to wash out additional color.

With carpets it is the same except if they are mixed with synthetics.

Well, the washing and usage of carpets is part of their aging process and that is really charming about them - unlike other furniture or accessories.

That is why we tried to figure out a way to let the carpet look natural but to keep the colors fresh by mixing the materials - see also Carpet from Start to Finish.





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