Before the actual work begins, the search for the right wool in the right color starts. When the material is gathered, the weaver calls on her neighbors to help her measuring the warp and stretching the thread onto the loom. At least three women are neccessary to do this. The weaver prepares lunch for the other women and they eat together. On the next day she will start to work on the carpet. She will do about 10-15 cm each day depending on the difficulty of pattern and technique.

This carpet has a unique style. We used red warp made of cotton and natural colored wool as basis (grey and black), the shades of the natural wool are clearly visible (getting darker from top to bottom).

In order to preserve the intensity of the pattern, we used synthetic fibers (blue, orange, yellow and white). Dark red and dark orange are also pure lamb wool. It took the weaver about four weeks to finish the work.  



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